About Steel Horse Band

Steel Horse Band is an American rock group, from Andrews, Texas. Matt (Madd Matt) Prevost the guitarist and Don (Doc) Prevost the drummer, are brothers. Both played in numerous garage bands over the years. They were a part of High Performance Band in the 1980’s in Arlington, Texas with Big Chuck, Marcy Bonan, and Mick Wooten. They recorded their album Ways of the World in 1981. 
They then moved back to their home town Flint, Michigan where Steel Horse Band was formed by Lawrence Ingram and Matt Prevost in 1986. They recorded their first album Ridin With It in 1987. They continued to play at local venues and numerous statewide benefits into the late 1990’s.
Lawrence Ingram then retired leaving the Steel Horse Band to Matt. Don Prevost and Brad (Bubba) Kern the bassist, played in several bands together including XXX (Triple X) Metal Band. When Lawrence retired, Matt invited Doc and Brad to join the Steel Horse Band. They played local venues in the Flint area and numerous benefits statewide until moving to Andrews, Texas in 2007.
The lead singer and rhythm guitarist Shannon (SK) King was introduced to the band shortly after their arrival to Texas. In 2012 they recorded the album The Life You Choose however, Shannon was unable to record due to an accident. He is now back stronger than ever and recording their second album with the band name of the album yet to be determined.  
Brad (Bubba) Kern passed away due to a sudden illness January7th, 2013, God rest his soul. He will sadly be missed but will live on with us through our music. Shortly after Bubba’s passing the band was signed by Tate Music Group out of Mustang, Oklahoma.